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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial alternative to traditional litigation that requires a commitment to stay out of court. It is a process that allows clients to divorce with dignity. Through a series of client-centered, goal-directed meetings involving collaboratively trained lawyers and neutral financial and mental health professionals as needed, a binding agreement is written. Simplified documents are then filed in the public record and a final hearing is scheduled so that the judge can sign off on the agreement and grant the divorce.

Why Collaborative Divorce?

Taking a path of collaborative divorce offers several benefits for both stakeholders involved:

  • It saves time and money.
  • The resolution takes place more peacefully and collaboratively.
  • It encourages open discussion and communication.
  • Allows both parties to negotiate in their best interests.

How It Works

No Court Appearances: To initiate the collaborative divorce process, both parties have to sign a ‘no court’ agreement. This guarantees that if the case proceeds and goes to the litigation court, we have the right to withdraw from it.

Negotiation: The process of collaborative divorce focuses on respectful negotiation and mediation.

Communication: Our attorney will meet with you to discuss your expectations from this process. Throughout the entire process emphasis is placed on open communication between all parties.

Consent on Parameters: We will meet with the other party’s attorney during each stage of the process to agree on specific parameters between both parties.

Settlement: After a series of meetings with the other party and their attorney, you may reach a mutual settlement. A judge will sign off on the agreement and grant the divorce.

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